About the Project

London, Ontario is an awesome city. Admit it! So much of our community is engaged and enthusiastic about making London the best it can be – through arts and culture, through urban planning, through working for social services or not for profit organisations, there are so many people willing to chip in and build a strong city together.

But the reason so many people are so engaged is that there’s still a lot of work to be done. There are still a lot of disengaged, disenfranchised people who don’t see London as the city full of possibility that it is. They see the downtown core as dirty or unsafe, they don’t see it as a viable place to live with a family, they don’t know about the arts initiatives downtown is full of, they don’t have access to the services that are necessary to them downtown.  But most of all, they spend all this time worrying about what London “isn’t” or what London “doesn’t provide”–and not enough time thinking about what London could be.

So that’s what this project is all about: what London could be. Because it could be a lot of awesome, awesome things, and we have the power to make it that way. We just have to care, we have to have the courage to dream up what we want our home city to look like, and then we have to start looking into the necessary steps to make our visions happen.

And that can begin a lot of ways, but on this site, it begins with a drawing.

***Or a written paragraph or poem or photograph or whatever…a vision!  Submit your visions of London here.***

I’m going to post all of these drawings around Downtown London along with the website address, so that people can look at the imaginary version of the location they’re standing at and dream of the kind of city they might live in in the future.


3 responses to this post.

  1. Clara.

    Are you going to SMarts on the weekend? http://www.smartslondon.com/2010/10/27/smarts-2010/

    If so I hope that we might bump into one another so we can chat.




    • I’ll be there!


      • Cool.

        Hey, I just sent an email out to a friend about something you might be interested that we might be able to chat about, is there an email I can contact you at to send it to you? I promise it’s not spam. If so send it to me at :

        vanlierop (dot) kevin (at) gmail {dot} com

        ps, I really like this project and think it has great potential.

        I’ve started to put some of my writings online, along with writings from other’s, I think you will like it.


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