What About A Rooftop Greenhouse?

What’s the problem?

A lot of our produce come to us coated in pesticides from factory farms in South America, it’s sometimes not as healthy or as flavourful as organically grown produce and we’ve become totally detached from the labour involved in the food we eat. Additionally, roofs downtown are incredibly inefficient in terms of insulation, which affects our environment and power bills because of the extra power require to heat or cool apartments. And, because there’s no grocery store downtown, accessing fresh produce can require driving, which isn’t great for our environment either.

What kind of solution can we imagine?

Solar-powered rooftop greenhouses!

What might make this solution possible?

You could start your own tiny rooftop garden with approval from your landlord. Invite others to garden with you and talk about the satisfaction that comes with growing your own food. The more people start gardens, the more likely building owners will take an interest in investing in a greenhouse.

What do YOU think can be done to make this happen?


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