What About Housing?

What’s the problem?

Urban sprawl in London is causing suburbs to move out further and further away from the downtown core, and families are moving further and further away from each other and from London’s services. Urban spawl is not sustainable environmentally, because there’s only so much land we can gobble up, and it’s not sustainable socially as well. Communities thrive on closeness, not on having to drive an hour to visit friends on the other side of town. Also, London could do with much more affordable, subsidized, and income-geared housing.

What kind of solution can we imagine?

Buildings On King St...But TallerWhat if we build up, not out? The real buildings in the drawing (you can find them across from Market Square on King St.) are like three stories high, maximum. What if we built them up and created room for mixed income housing, making downtown living accessible to more and more people? Even though admittedly a lot of apartments downtown are occupied, in the past 8 years the downtown population has more than doubled, and it’s only going to grow from here. Who’s to say in twenty years high rises won’t be more feasible than suburbs?

What might make this solution possible?

Support the farmers that are being pushed off their land due to urban sprawl by contacting your city councilor or members of City Council’s adjustments comittee. Commit to living downtown and not in a suburb—the more people do it, the more will follow.

What do YOU think can be done to make this happen?


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